About Us

Creative Collection by Petal Pushers

Creative Collection by Petal Pushers features accessories for residential and commercial spaces. Our vast selection is sure to delight you and your clients with styles that appeal to both traditional and contemporary tastes. 

Visit our showroom for an exciting exploration of beauty and elegance, and experience a new realm of exquisite decor. 

We invite you to visit Creative Collection by Petal Pushers and enjoy firsthand the Creative Collection by Petal Pushers experience.

Events by Petal Pushers

We are a full-service boutique events company that’s mastered the art of event planning. We combine our experience with our client’s vision to design and celebrate life’s milestones. We plan everything from corporate events to weddings and serve as a one-stop shop for all of your event needs.

We are determined to capture your vision and create lasting memories. We also want you to be so impressed that you’ll refer us to your friends and family members. 

Our clients can always expect personalized attention. We know the value of attention to detail in the event planning process, and execution can make or break an event. Our goal is to provide an unparalleled level of professional customer service to orchestrate a memorable celebration that’s packed with style, personality, imagination and creativity. 

Our Founder

Creative Collection by Petal Pushers was founded by John Eckhardt in April 2003 with a 2,500 sq. ft. showroom. Petal Pushers has since doubled in size to a 5,000 sq. ft. showroom and showcases a wide variety of items beyond silk accessories, including lighting, occasional furniture, wall decor, including wall panels, mirrors, tapestries, iron pieces and more.

John Eckhart is a native Bostonian, and he brings his 20+ years of design experience and degree in horticulture to Petal Pushers. He sculpted and perfected his award winning style from designers who have inspired him. 

John brings his passion for fine things to Creative Collection by Petal Pushers and constantly seeks out objects of beauty that are crafted with pride and skill to offer to his customers. His keen eye and appreciation for shape, color and texture is always apparent in the chic elegance of Creative Collection by Petal Pushers. 

Whether he is designing magnificent spaces or creating spectacular events in special places, John’s fabulous taste, sunny personality, and attention to detail captivates the crowd and creates memorable spaces, experiences and events.